Louisville Ghost Hunters Society

Louisville Ghost Hunters Society

The Louisville Ghost Hunters Society - Louisville's Oldest & Most Respected Paranormal Research Group!
All About Us:

99% is the key. 99% of what is found by The Louisville Ghost Hunters Society can be explained in a rational - scientific - way. The remaining 1% is left to keep both Keith Age, The Founder of The Louisville Ghost Hunters Society and it's active membership base continually doing both private and public investigations.

The investigations conducted by The Louisville Ghost Hunters Society are done in a non-metaphysical manner (no psychics, empaths, clairvoyants, etc.) and use a quagmire of video, audio, background research, and electromagnetic testing to determine paranormal claims by both private and public sites.

All Investigations are completely confidential in residential homes, and are conducted in a consistent and professional manner by trained paranormal researchers. For this reason, The Louisville Ghost Hunters Society remains one of the oldest and most respected paranormal research groups in Louisville, Kentucky - with over 100 active members and thousands of curious non-active members. Both of which you can meet online on our message board!

Our research is taken seriously, as an investigation requires a large amount of background research o both the location, and the individuals making claims that paranormal activity has occurred. When the 99% of explainable scenarios fail to produce a conclusion, the remaining 1% begin to document and analyze the data collected at the investigation site to try to determine the possible cause.

Founder, Keith Age - along with the members of The Louisville Ghost Hunters Society provide investigations FREE OF CHARGE, and are available to help anyone. If you feel you would like assistance from the LGHS, please go to our online "investigation request" form, and submit your information to our Case Manager. We would be happy to assist you!

You can also download our PDF package which gives you information on The Louisville Ghost Hunters Society, and our Founder Keith Age! Download the FREE PDF file here!

The Louisville Ghost Hunters Society "In The Community":

LGHS, being a non-profit organization, has donated both time and money to support various charities throughout the Kentuckiana area.

We are proud to work with several charities in order to help them achieve their goals in the community as well.

We work with the Crusade for Children, St. Joseph Orphanage, the American Juvenile Arthritis Foundation of Kentucky, Toys for Tots, the Make A Wish Foundation, Project Zambia, and others.

Three years in a row, LGHS presented the Pleasure Ridge Park Fire Department a check in the amount of $10,000 for the Crusade for Children. Besides helping with these great causes, LGHS has also spent the last few years adopting needy children or their families during the Christmas season by providing them with toys, clothing, and monetary assistance. Sometimes, when families are in need we reach out to them with clothing, food, or other assistance in order during the Christmas season by providing them with toys, clothing, to get them through the roughest times. The Louisville Ghost Hunters Society does more than just look for things that go "bump" to get them through the roughest times. The Louisville Ghost Hunters in the night, we offer a helping hand to our community so that any "bump" is crossed over a bit easier.

Members are asked to contribute what they can in some cases and in every instance we have tried to bring a small bit of happiness to those less fortunate during a difficult time of the year. Many LGHS members, most of whom hold full time jobs, have devoted countless hours of their time in supporting and insuring that these worthy causes receive the recognition and help they so richly deserve. Striving to make their community a better place, the Louisville Ghost Hunters Society is proud to lend a hand to those in need and will continue to do so in the future.
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