Double A Paranormal Investigation (DAPI)

Double A Paranormal Investigation (DAPI)

Industry: Nonprofit


The members of this team have been investigating paranormal occurrences for several years, privately. Now we are going public.

The Double A Paranormal Investigation team is located and opperated in Southwest Kansas. We investigate in Southwest Kansas and extreme Southeast Colorado. As far as we have been able to find out, we are the only paranormal investigators in this area. If you are or know paranormal investigators in this area please let us know. We would love to get together and swap stories and techniques. If you have a haunting or paranormal event you would like us to investigate, or if you just want to learn more about us, please don't hesitate to email us.

Hey Everybody this is Sir Ghost just wanted to leave you all a message saying how much we would like to have feed back from you all and say that maybee soon we can get enough time together again to go on another hunt. We have all Been real busy lately and havn't had a chance. So Thanks to everyone for coming to the DAPI site and hope that you all enjoy.


C/O Alisha Markley
P. O. Box 23
Syracuse, KS 67878
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