ShenZhen Splendid China Folk Culture Village
ShenZhen Splendid China Folk Culture Village

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ShenZhen Splendid China Development Co., Ltd establish on 1988, it is Hong Kong that travel group and Chinese Overseas Town Group full-length cultural tourist enterprise that joint-venture set up,subordinate and both at home and abroad well-known two major theme parks of beautiful miniature scenic spot of China and Chinese Folk Culture Village, have strength and model cultural theme park domestically most at present. Since open, the company has inheritted the " carrying forward China's national culture and establishing the world-class scenic spot " management aim all the time, not only has made the proud business performance but also obtain the special honours frequently in each social field, have made the contribution above all others in order to carry forward culture, promote the development of tourist industry of China.
Å@Å@Over the past 16 years, silk , the people , two scenic spots , have received 4500 more than ten thousand visitors at home and abroad altogether, open nearly or 25 a hundred million of gross income , make profits 8 or hundred million more than , turn over nearly or 2 a hundred million of tax totally to country, have created the enormous social benefit and economic benefits. The head of government , national political V.I.P. and well-known figures of such leaders of the country and the Party as Deng Xiaoping , Jiang Zemin , Li Peng ,etc. and the world , dozens of countries , successively called on two scenic spots, speak highly of scenic spot.
Å@Å@Covering an area of 30 ten thousand square meters in the beautiful miniature scenic spot of China, is collection and epitome of history and culture and 9,600,000 sq. km. of beautiful lands of 5,000 years of China, world accumulate most heavy outdoor scene miniature scenic spot above at present too, 82 beauty spots distribute in Chinese domain position , most proportions are duplicated according to 1:15, straggly more than 50,000 lifelike pottery art vilain and animal in the scenic spot, have reproduced the building , life custom and local conditions and customs with different style of multi-nationality country of China vividly;
Å@Å@It is a goal with " the world of the flower, green world, the world of U.S.A. " in this scenic spot, conbine China's traditional potted landscape craft and modern landscape art together perfectly, can be rated as the model of China's landscape art. China not beautiful miniature scenic spot with "steps of history of striding forward, enjoy a trip to it China one Ågimposing manner not broad last masterpiece of " last Chinese beginning of building view ".
Å@Å@Chinese Folk Culture Village covers an area of 20 more than ten thousand square meters, it is China that assembles folk art of various nationalities, the local conditions and customs and local-style dwelling houses building in the large-scale cultural tour scenic spot of one garden first, 24 stockaded villages inside including 21 nationalities, press 1: The proportion of 1 is built up . Shown , holds the large-scale folk festival celebration activity regularly through the national conditions and customs performance, folk arts and craft, for instance great temple fair , Water-sprinkling Festival , Torch Festival , the conditions and customs moon of Xishuangbanna , the Inner Mongol conditions and customs week ,etc. many ways of nationality of China, many angles , many sides show genuine , rich and colorful condition of the people of local trait of various nationalities of our country and folk culture, let visitors fully experience the soul and glamour of Chinese nation. Chinese Folk Culture Village has gained the good reputation of Ågfolk custom museum of China Ågwith the generous connotation of Åg24 stockaded villages, 56 clan conditions and customs ".
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