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The Window People

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The Window People
CALL NOW: 203.323.1804 - www.windowpeople.net

High Quality Replacement and New Construction Home Improvement Products and Installation Services for Homeowners and Contractors

The Window People located conveniently off of I-95 in Stamford, CT has been selling... READ MORE


Rock Harbor Builders, LLC

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Rock Harbor Builders, LLC 11 Osborne Road Sherman, CT 06784 Phone: (203) 240-4469 READ MORE

Beatty Construction Co.

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Beatty Construction Co. 50 CT-39 Sherman, CT 06784 Phone: (860) 355-2447 Email: BeattyCon@sbcglobal.net READ MORE

J Hiravy Plumbing & Heating

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J Hiravy Plumbing & Heating 4 Sunny Ln, Sherman, CT 06784 (860) 354-4693 READ MORE

Kirkpatrick Construction LLC

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Kirkpatrick Construction LLC 30 Magee Ave Stamford, CT 06902 (203) 462-3370 READ MORE

Yankee Service Co

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Yankee Service Co 60 Connecticut 55 Sherman, CT 06784 (860) 354-9412 READ MORE

Clancy Woodworking, LLC

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Clancy Woodworking, LLC 12 Anderson Rd E Sherman, CT 06784 (860) 355-3655, Brian@clancywoodworking.com READ MORE

Tony's Home Improvement

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Tony's Home Improvement 2 Wanzer Rd, Sherman, CT 06784, United States Tel: +1 860-350-0762 READ MORE

Lakota Builders & Assoc. LLC

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Lakota Builders & Assoc. LLC 23 Smoke Ridge Dr Sherman, CT 06784 Tel: 860-946-4854 READ MORE

Hudson Valley Preservation Corp.

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Hudson Valley Preservation Corp. 29 Route 37 Center Sherman, CT 06784 Tel: (860) 355-0906 Fax: (860) 355-9405 Email: dlangley@hvpcorp.com READ MORE
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