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Cambridge Electric LLC

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Cambridge Electric LLC 24 Straitsville Road 2nd Floor Prospect, CT 06712 Phone: (203) 527-5323 Fax: (203) 527-5604 Cell: (203) 721-4000 © 2018 Cambridge Electric, LLC READ MORE

Mcaree Carpentry

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Mcaree Carpentry 54 Waterbury Road Prospect, CT 06712 Phone: (203) 758-0869 Mobile: (203) 509-3407 Email: info@mcareecarpentry.com Kitchens – custom built cabinets, counter tops of all sty READ MORE

MLC Associates LLC

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MLC Associates LLC P.O. Box 7288 Prospect, CT 06712 Phone: 203-677-0376 Fax: 203-758-3044 Email: info@mlckitchens.com Business Hours: Monday 7:30AM–3:30PM Tuesday 7:30AM–3:30PM We READ MORE

McAllen Construction Inc.

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McAllen Construction Inc. 170 Scott Road, Suite 1 Prospect, CT 06712 Phone: (203) 758-3474 24 Hour Emergency Number: (203) 758-3474 Fax: (203) 758-3083 Email: info@mcallenconstructionct.com READ MORE

Apex Plumbing LLC

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Apex Plumbing LLC 47 Cambridge Dr Prospect, CT 06712 (203) 758-6774 READ MORE

Son of a Carpenter Contracting LLC

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Son of a Carpenter Contracting LLC 50 Waterbury Rd Prospect, CT 06712 (203) 565-8314 READ MORE

Prospect Handy Man

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Prospect Handy Man 12 Kluge Rd Prospect, CT 06712 United States Phone: +1 203-758-4707 READ MORE

Ashe Construction LLC

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Ashe Construction LLC 17 Gramar Avenue, Prospect, CT 06712-1017, United States Tel: +1 203-758-5150 READ MORE

Mosgrove Home Improvements

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Mosgrove Home Improvements 65 Talmadge Hill Road, Prospect, CT 06712-1724, United States Tel: +1 203-758-4176 READ MORE

Foresite Building Services

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Foresite Building Services 203 Cook Road Prospect, CT 06712 Tel: (203) 612-5303 READ MORE
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