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Breakwater Electric LLC

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Breakwater Electric LLC 6 Wildflower Drive Oxford, CT 06478 Phone: (203) 888-0408 Fax: (203) 888-8628 All Rights Reserved. Breakwater Electric LLC © 2011-2012 READ MORE

DiIulio Carpentry & Remodeling, LLC

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DiIulio Carpentry & Remodeling, LLC 22 Oak Crest Road Oxford, CT 06478 Phone: (203) 232-8153 Email: info@dcrct.com Interior trim Additions Kitchens Custom woodworking Decks Copyright © READ MORE

Guerrera Construction Co.

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Guerrera Construction Co. 154 Christian Street Oxford, CT 06478 Phone: (203) 888-5069 Fax: (203) 888-7191 Email: DebS@guerreraconstruction.com READ MORE

Dan Steeves -- General Contractor Building and Alterations

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Dan Steeves -- General Contractor Building and Alterations 11 Butternut Ridge Road Oxford, CT 06478 Phone: 203-668-3803 203-564-4925 Email: steevesgc@gmail.com ​ READ MORE

Cross River Cabinetry, Inc.

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Cross River Cabinetry, Inc. 91 Willenbrock Road # C1 Oxford, CT 06478 Phone: (203) 262-1212 Fax: (203) 262-1213 Business Hours: Monday 9AM–5PM Tuesday 9AM–5PM Wednesday 9AM–5PM Th READ MORE

T.H. Moore And Sons Construction Group LLC

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T.H. Moore And Sons Construction Group LLC 12 Silano Drive Oxford, CT 06478 Phone: (203) 220-6164 READ MORE

Pettinella Painting and Remodeling, LLC

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Pettinella Painting and Remodeling, LLC 6 Anthony Pond Road Oxford, CT 06478 203.881.0857 (office) 203.881.0857 (fax) 203.410.5760 (mobile) Business Hours: Monday 8AM–5PM Tuesday 8AM–5 READ MORE

Oatley Plumbing Heating & AC..

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Oatley Plumbing Heating & AC 306 Oxford Rd Oxford, CT 06478 (203) 888-9528 READ MORE

Sinopoli Contractors Inc

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Sinopoli Contractors Inc 119 Hawley Rd Oxford, CT 06478 (203) 264-2449 203-264-8449 (fax) vsinopolicontrs@sbcglobal.net READ MORE

The Oxford Handyman

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The Oxford Handyman 488 Oxford Road, Oxford, CT 06478 Phone: (203) 702-7294 READ MORE

Fus Home Improvement, LLC.

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Fus Home Improvement, LLC. 3 Cove Court Oxford, CT Office: (203) 881-0504 Fax: (203) 881-0504 E-mail: Service@FusHomeImprovement.com READ MORE

J&B Construction

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J&B Construction 55 Edmonds Rd. Oxford, CT 06478 Tel: 203.888.7900 Fax: 203.888.7900 Email: John@JBConst.Com READ MORE

Ken Hogan Construction LLC.

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Ken Hogan Construction LLC. 18 Nancy Lynn Lane Oxford, CT 06478 Tel: (203) 888-6042 Fax: (203) 888-2482 READ MORE
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