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Nutmeg Plumbing and Heating

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Nutmeg Plumbing and Heating East Hampton, CT Phone: (203) 751-2841 Email: NutmegPlumbing@gmail.com Business Hours: Monday 7AM–4PM Tuesday 7AM–4PM Wednesday 7AM–4PM Thursday 7AM–4PM READ MORE

Generation Drywall Inc.

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Generation Drywall Inc. 201 W High Street East Hampton, CT 06424 Phone: (860) 206-1320 Drywall Framing Acoustic Ceilings Carpentry Copyright © 2018 Generation Drywall Inc. All Rights Reser READ MORE

Pat's Home Repair

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Pat's Home Repair East Hampton, CT Phone: (860) 534-0964 Email: patshomerep@gmail.com Business Hours: Monday 9AM–5PM Tuesday 9AM–5PM Wednesday 9AM–5PM Thursday 9AM–5PM Friday 9A READ MORE

Post & Beam Homes, Inc.

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Post & Beam Homes, Inc. 4 Sexton Hill Road East Hampton, CT 06424 Phone: (860) 267-2060 Business Hours: Monday 7AM–7PM Tuesday 7AM–7PM Wednesday 7AM–7PM Thursday 7AM–7PM Friday 7AM– READ MORE

Boyce Construction

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Boyce Construction 3 Oak Knoll Road East Hampton, CT 06424 Phone: (860) 267-0682 Mobile: (860) 212-8799 Email: Boyceconstruction@gmail.com READ MORE

Piela Enetrprise LLC

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Piela Enetrprise LLC   Address: 30 Edgerton St, East Hampton, CT 06424 Phone:+1 860-995-8596 Handyman Hours: Open today · 8AM–8PM READ MORE

A Happy Home

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A Happy Home East Hampton, CT 06424 (860) 365-8236 READ MORE

H2O Equipment Co., Inc

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H2O Equipment Co., Inc 25 W High St East Hampton, CT 06424 (860) 267-0110 READ MORE

Premier Contracting Services, LLC

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Premier Contracting Services, LLC 39 Ben Clark Hill Rd East Hampton, CT 06424 (860) 490-1488 waynehalvorson@comcast.net READ MORE

Erichs Handyman Service

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Erichs Handyman Service East Hampton, CT Phone:(860) 368-8525 READ MORE

Benchmark Home Improvement

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Benchmark Home Improvement 105 Middletown Avenue East Hampton, CT 06424 Tel: 860-670-5051 Email: eric@benchmarkhomeimprovementllc.com READ MORE

Berke Construction

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Berke Construction 31 Flanders Road East Hampton, CT 06424 Tel: (860)951-1424 Email: info@berke-constuction.com READ MORE

Shilbye Construction

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Shilbye Construction 71 W High St, East Hampton, CT 06424 Phone: 860-267-1761 Email: Shilbye@sbcglobal.net READ MORE
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